Oracle 2019: A Delphi Partners Update

Oracle 2019

Welcome to our latest edition of ORACLE – a Delphi Partners publication, where we bring you updates and insights regarding our firm, clients, deals and corporate & commercial matters.

In this edition:

  • Deal Sheet we feature some of our deals & projects in the last 12 months;
  • Key Point we focus on contract management issues; and
  • mycontracts  we introduce our cloud-based contracts management platform. 

So why is Contract Management important?

Most contracts contain important milestones, critical dates and obligations that should be actively monitored. Valuable rights won in the negotiation stage can be lost as a result of poor contract management or inadvertent omission.

Failure to properly manage these milestones, critical dates and obligations can lead to breach of contract and damages claims. Poor contract management can also result in:

  • missed deadlines & lost rights (e.g. options, claim periods & warranties)
  • unexpected renewals and expirations
  • overlooked penalties and saving opportunities
  • a deterioration of the relationship between contracting parties.

A Solution? 

In response to the contract management issues faced by many of our clients, Delphi Partners, in conjunction with M-Square, has taken a unique approach of developing its own cloud-based Contracts Management solution:

Designed for:

  • Company Secretarial & CFOs
  • Procurement & Contract Managers
  • In-house legal
  • Property & asset managers
  • Administration support
  • Human resources
  • Start-ups

Please see the attached update for more information. 

We trust that you will enjoy this latest edition of Oracle, we welcome and encourage your feedback.